What factors actually drive the US economy and financial markets?  And what don’t?

When is it time to step up on stocks or bonds?  Or step down?

What does America’s economic history tell us about its future?

How can I spot a financial bubble?

Gary Gordon’s new book Debt Cycle Investing helps you with these questions and more.  And as a speaker, Mr. Gordon will tailor his review of these topics to your interests and needs.  Mr. Gordon has honed his craft as a speaker in a wide variety of settings:
  • During his career as a stock analyst, he spent a good deal of his time presenting his ideas to individual large investors, groups of investors large and small, to his firms’ salesforces and to the public on TV (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.) and radio.
  • He helped found MyMoney Workshop, which gives financial literacy and investment seminars to college and high school students and to community groups.
  • He is a volunteer teacher at prisons and junior high schools.

These varied experiences built two key speaking strengths.  First, Mr. Gordon has built a persuasive body of economic and financial data that help investment professionals see the markets in new ways.  Second, Mr. Gordon has the ability to make complex financial ideas easy to understand for investment amateurs.