Gary Gordon

Gary Gordon is the author of Debt Cycle Investing: Simple Tools for Reading the Economy to Make Smarter Investment Decisions. His career was on Wall Street, where he was a stock analyst covering the housing, mortgage and consumer finance industries. He also served as a U.S. investment strategist and as a portfolio manager. The bulk of his work career was at PaineWebber and UBS. Mr. Gordon is an adjunct professor in the math department at Mercy College.  He teaches at prisons (Sing Sing and Taconic in New York) and tutors in a junior high school. He also presents financial literacy seminars to adults and students. 

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"Wonderful cogent analysis. Terrific book!" —Karen Zimmerman, former trading executive, Credit Suisse

"An essential guide to contemporary investment thinking — very readable, with a touch of humor." —Larry Jeydel, former CEO, Almo Corporation

"As a long-time Wall Streeter, I didn't think I could learn anything from a how-to-invest book. I was wrong!" —Barbara Steiner, founding partner, institutional research firm Portales Partners

"Original, well-argued, and meticulously supported — an important contribution to the literature on investing that all investors should read." —John Cecil, chairman, Eagle Knolls Capital

"Helps us understand complex economic and market concepts in a straightforward manner with humor." —Steve Shapiro, former principal, Concordia Capital Partners

"I've rarely seen information so convincingly presented — and so logically. Valuable and entertaining!" —Steve Rosenblatt, former IBM executive